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Dear Prospective PPGT Partner,

Thanks for your interest in becoming a PinPoint GeoTech Strategic Partner.

All good growth businesses rely on great products and even greater relationships
to provide opportunities for growth and profitability. Your business and Ours are no exception!

We are interested in forming great partnerships with Industry Sales and Consulting Firms
who are already doing business with Government Agencies throughout North America.

Our Partner Program offers three levels of participation, each with its own levels of commissions, discounts, and obligations.

Level 1) A simple, no obligation, referral program that pays commissions on completed deals.

Level 2) Co-Managed Sales and Installation Partnership where we partner with you to sell the system. Then, we are responsible for installation, training, and support. You make the commissions.

Level 3) Self Managed Sales and Installation Partnership where you sell, train, install, and/or support the end user in accordance with the partnership agreement. This level carries the highest discounts and/or commissions and gives you the greatest in flexibility to profit from a sale in various ways.

Please fill out the form below and we will contact you to discuss the oportunity and a great new partnership! Our Partner Manager, Reno Wilson, will contact you quickly.

Thanks for your interest,

Jim Oswald
CEO, PinPoint GeoTech, LLC

Partner Program Info Request

City / State/ Zip
Company Website:

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Notes or Requests





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